Dove Dress

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As beautiful and unique as a dove, This dress made of fine georgette material. Form the neck down are tiered white flaps , mimicking the wings of the magnificent bird with every movement. The shoulders are accented with white satin bows for extra flare. Zip closure on back , lined for added comfort. Available in sizes 1-10.

 Size Information:

Dove Dress Length  Chest 
1 Years 16.5in /42Cm 20in/50Cm
2 Years 18in/45.5Cm 22in/55.5Cm
3 Years 20in/50Cm 22in/55.5Cm
4 Years 22in/55.5Cm 23in/58.5Cm
5 Years 22in/55.5Cm 25in/63.5Cm
6 Years 25in/63.5Cm 26in/66Cm
7 Years 25.5in/64.5Cm 26in/66Cm
8 Years 27in/68.5Cm 28in/71Cm
9 Years 27in/68.5Cm 29in/73.5Cm
10 Years 29in/68.5Cm 30in/76Cm
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